Meet The WHCA Team

Eric Dresser – Executive Director

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Hi I’m Eric Dresser, WHCA’s Executive Director.  I’m excited to be in my role at WHCA, helping to organize and systemize operations in Whitman & Hanson.  Prior to coming to WHCA in early 2017 and over the last 20 years I worked in several other community media centers across the South Shore, most recently serving as the founding Executive Director at Harbor Media (HCAM) in Hingham.  While in Hingham I did a lot of building both in the physical and organizational sense.  After a large construction process bringing HCAM into their next phase, I made the move to WHCA; excited to help with some of the modernization the WHCA board was looking to accomplish.  Since coming to WHCA we have made several changes to our facility, website, staff, programming, operations, & policies. As we look to the future I am excited to involve all of you the members of the community in our work to continue to deliver a truly local experience for all those in Whitman & Hanson.





Ryan Tully – Production & Facilities Coordinator

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Hello my name is Ryan Tully and I am the Production & Facilities Coordinator here at WHCA. I grew up in Whitman and graduated from Whitman-Hanson High school. In high school I was part of the AV club and school news team. Being a part of these groups sparked my interest in pursuing a career in video production. After High School I attended the New England Institute of Technology in Rhode Island where I received a bachelor’s degree in the digital recording arts. Through many years of building experience in the video field, performing jobs ranging from sports videographer to hotel AV technician, I received the opportunity to work for my home town’s PEG station. I started in April of 2017 as a studio technician and have recently been promoted to Production & Facilities Coordinator. I grew up watching public access in Whitman and loved the content the former director Steve Roy produced. It is exciting to be working here and carrying on that legacy, while also progressing forward into the future of public access under the guidance of WHCA’s current director Eric Dresser.     





Heather Gonsalves – Outreach Coordinator

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Hi there! My name is Heather Gonsalves. I joined the Whitman Hanson Community Access team this January as the new Outreach Coordinator. I studied Digital Media Production & Video and Audio Production at New England Institute of Technology and received my bachelors degree in 2019. Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work as a video editor, marketing specialist, as well as a live sound engineer. My love for the creative arts sprouted at a young age and has grown tremendously in my adult life. I look forward to learning the ins and outs of both Whitman and Hanson and getting to know all of the wonderful people that help our station thrive!






Carol Brewster – Staff Producer

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Hi, My name is Carol Brewster. I became interested in video production back in 1985, when I bought a camera, took a course at Bridgewater State College, and started volunteering at the Whitman Hanson studio. That same year I was hired as the new Hanson Program Director, by Continental Cablevision. They were in charge of the local programming for the towns. I spent 10 happy, rewarding years working for Hanson, where my volunteers, and I produced many award winning, quality programs. During that time, I also pursued my Masters in Instructional Media at Bridgewater State, earning it in 1989. In 1995 my husband and I had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to take a hiatus, and go sailing on our new catamaran, “Second Wind”. We spent 2 years aboard, and had many wonderful experiences. We were very lucky to have had the opportunity, and I am so glad we did it. In time we began missing our hometowns, and the wonderful New England area. We returned in 1998, and spent a few years adjusting, and getting back to work. In 2001 I came back to Whitman, and Hanson as a producer for the new WHCA private non-profit Corporation. Many things had changed in the few short years I was gone. Most for the better. Now we were run by the Towns. Equipment had gotten smaller, lighter, and more sophisticated. In less than a decade we were in the “Digital Age”. We could actually produce like the “Big Guys”. It’s been an exciting time, as the video production field continues to grow, and change. The important things won’t change though. They are that; Local programming can have a real impact on the citizens, & Information about your area, the people in it, and your local organizations can add a real value to the connectivity of your towns. And, I’m still having fun!!!

Paul Watson – Staff Producer

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I have been a staff producer at WHCA since 2013. My experience in video production spans more than 35 years (Most of that with a small independent production company in Brockton). Some of you may remember the “Cable Cars” show that ran some years ago on local cable. I was the man behind the camera for 5 years. I am also a graduate of Emerson College. Since I came on board, I’ve met and worked with many fine, friendly and enthusiastic people in many varied productions. I worked with Kim Parkinson to create and produce the “Keep Creating” crafting show.  I’m currently working with the Boy Scout troops in both towns to produce a program called, “A Scout Is…” I’m also working on a historical series with the Whitman Historic Commission and plan to do a similar series with the Hanson Historic Commission.






Kevin Tocci – Studio Production Specialist

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Kevin has been a member of the WHCA staff since 2005, joining the team as a staff producer. Besides covering many of Whitman’s community events and government meetings, he developed several new programs such as CrossTalk, Municipal Focus and On The Road. In 2012, Kevin took on a new role as the studio’s Access Operations Coordinator, where he looked to increase community involvement, create a social media footprint for WHCA and expanded coverage of local events like high school sports. Kevin went on to create additional cable programs like Around The House, By The Numbers and The Buzz Around Bees, which won a regional award and was nominated for a Mass Access Creator Award. Recently, Kevin reduced his role at WHCA to studio specialist, where he interviews various stakeholders and members of the community about issues and topics that are important to Whitman and Hanson residents.





James Cullity – Production Assistant

My name is James Cullity, i’m 23 years old and I’m from Whitman. I started here at Whitman-Hanson Community Access back in 2012 as a volunteer. I really found out I wanted to work in Television for a career by volunteering here. I recently (2018) graduated from Connecticut School of Broadcasting in Newton, Ma. And on the side, I coach soccer for Whitman Youth Soccer.