WHCA’s mission is “to provide content and opportunities which inform, enlighten and entertain members of the Whitman Hanson community through access to modern technology, equipment, facilities, and training”.  This means we are here to serve you, the members of our community by providing access to our facilities training and programming.

WHCA operates four cable television channels:

WHCA’s team consists of several full & part time staff members:

Numerous interns & volunteers also contribute to what you see on WHCA’s channels/platforms.

WHCA is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors composed of residents from both Whitman & Hanson.  A vacant seat will be filled by a resident from the same town as the previous Director.  The WHCA Board of Directors meets monthly, usually on the third Thursday of each month.  As a 501c(3) WHCA submits various annual reports to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  These reports are posted on the respective department’s page but can be accessed here.

The current Directors and Officers of WHCA are:

  • Arlene Dias, Hanson – President
  • David Beauvais, Hanson – Vice President
  • Marcus Linn, Hanson – Treasurer
  • Jerry Eaton – Whitman
  • John Galvin – Whitman
  • Marcus Casey – Whitman

Members of the Whitman or Hanson community who are interested in volunteer leadership opportunities such as joining WHCA’s Board of Directors are urged to reach out to WHCA’s Executive Director to indicate their interest.  This can be done by telephone at (781) 447-4175 or by sending an email to Director@WHCA.tv

Download a copy of our informational brochure here.