Volunteer Leadership Opportunities at WHCA

Thanks for your interest in contributing to WHCA’s future leadership!

With your help we hope to make a big impact in the Whitman/Hanson community, across our region, and even the entire Community Media landscape.

Aside from the fantastic WHCA staff (pictured above) who you’ve hopefully already met, WHCA is also aided by many volunteers who help us accomplish our mission:

…to provide content and opportunities which inform, enlighten and entertain members of the Whitman Hanson community through access to modern technology, equipment, facilities, and training.

For additional information about WHCA including our history and current happenings, we encourage you to look around this website starting with the About WHCA page.

As a 501(c)3 non profit community media center, WHCA is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors who are responsible for overseeing WHCA’s operations and providing insight that steers WHCA’s future.  WHCA board members are representatives from the Whitman & Hanson community, and they make sure WHCA is serving the needs of Whitman & Hanson , while also playing an important ambassadorial role in the community.  WHCA board members, volunteers, and staff help to bring people to WHCA and to bring WHCA’s services to areas that are not fully served by WHCA.

Those considering board service at WHCA are encouraged to review our “Summary of Responsibilities for WHCA board members“recently created by the WHCA Board of Directors & Executive Director in order to better explain to perspective board members the types of things that are expected.

For ANYONE interested in shaping local television and media in Whitman & Hanson, we encourage you to review the information presented on this website and consider filling out this Volunteer Leadership nomination webform if you are interested in potential leadership/governance opportunities at WHCA.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

-Eric Dresser
Executive Director; WHCA