• What’s on WHCA and how does it get there?
    WHCA’s programming is available in the towns of Whitman and Hanson on Comcast cable.  To find out specifically when a particular show or meeting is on you can visit our online programming guide.  Our programming encompasses four channels;

    • Public Access (Ch 9; Whitman & Hanson)
    • Educational Access (Ch 98; Whitman & Hanson)
    • Whitman Government Access (Ch 6; Whitman only)
    • Hanson Government Access (Ch 6; Hanson only)
  • Why are WHCA’s channels not in HD?
    When watching WHCA programming on Comcast you will only see our content in Standard Definition (SD).  This is an unfortunate limitation placed on us by Comcast.  While we capture and edit our content in HD, we’re only able to deliver it to the current cable provider(s) on an SD platform.  If you would like to see this change, we would love to include your comments with our  when communicating with Comcast.  We welcome your feedback here.
  • Why is WHCA’s Programming not in my Electronic Program Guide?
    Much like our standard definition (SD) limitations, WHCA programming is not indexed on your on-screen program guide.  We wish we were included in the guide so you could know what’s playing and more easily schedule recordings of our programming.  If you would like to see this changed, we would love to include your remarks with our comments when we discuss the matter with Comcast. We welcome your feedback here.
  • What if I have an idea for a new show or there is a community event I would like covered?
    If you have a show idea that you would like to bring to WHCA: Awesome!  We’re happy to help connect you with the resources, technology, know-how, and willing teammates to make this happen!  You can read up on the process here.  Similarly, if you have an idea for community event coverage please let us know about that event here.
  • How can I turn an idea into a program?
    WHCA provides the use of equipment and the necessary training to help you create a cable show. Upon completing your training, you can reserve studio time, sign out field equipment and reserve editing time. Once your show is ready for broadcast, you will be given a time slot for your show, so you can tell your family, friends and members of the community to tune in!
  • Can I make a show about anything?
    Pretty much. We’re here to help convert your ideas into a cable program that the community can watch and enjoy!
  • Can I check out equipment and reserve studio time and/or can I use my own equipment to produce my show?
    Absolutely!  We simply ask that you schedule this in advance and provide time for training on the equipment that you intend to use.  Contact a WHCA Staff member to get started!
  • What does it cost to produce a public access program and can I profit/make money from it?
    Producing a program at WHCA is free of cost for all members of the Whitman Hanson community, provided that it fits within the confines of our Policies & Procedures.  WHCA is a non-profit organization and our programming is strictly non-commercial.  While there are opportunities for sponsorship and underwriting, we must adhere to a strict policy on how this is done.  More information about this can be found in our Policies & Procedures.
  • How can I place an announcement on the Community Bulletin Board?
    Putting an announcement up on WHCA’s Community Bulletin Board is extremely easy. Just submit your message and any related media here.
  • Is WHCA the same as the Cable Company (Comcast)?
    WHCA is a private non-profit corporation separate from the Cable company and also separate from the towns of Whitman & Hanson.

    • WHCA is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of four members from Whitman and four members from Hanson.
    • WHCA is funded through a licensing agreement between the Towns of Whitman & Hanson and the Cable provider; Comcast. These licensing agreements provide funds to be used exclusively for Public, Educational, & Government (PEG) television access and media and nothing else. The funding is calculated based on a percentage of the annual cable (video only) income that the company receives from customers in Whitman or Hanson.  The Towns of Whitman & Hanson have licensed these funds to be allocated to WHCA for use in operating the town’s cable access and media center.  This funding is not a tax, nor is it additional to the cable subscribers bill.
  • How can I get a copy of a WHCA Program?
    Ordering a copy of WHCA programming is very easy.  Simply give us a call and let us know what you’re looking for.  If you do not require shipping and handling and are picking up the DVD at our studio in Whitman, then the DVD is only $10.