Create a One-Off Series Program

One-off = meaning no long term commitment to starting a series program.
Series Program = meaning we (WHCA) manage the series, you just contribute the content.

Creating a One-ff Series Program is incredibly simple and a lot of fun!  See the list below for program concepts. When you’re ready to get started simply:

  • Email us at stating that you want to produce an episode.
  • We set you up with a camera, and any other tools you may need.
  • You shoot an amazing show.
  • We’ll facilitate the post production details.
  • Just like that, you’ve produced an episode!

About Town features explains things going on in both Whitman & Hanson. For showtimes see WHCA’s program guide. Episodes are also available OnDemand below.

Author Talk

Author Talk is a show created to provide a platform for authors who want to talk about their writing, their history, their goals, or any other matters surrounding the creative process our authoring a book.

Around Town (Events)

“Around Town” is a program which provides a platform to show the places and events/initiatives happening in the Whitman and Hanson community.  Any WHCA volunteer can create a program or even just a brief segment to be included in “Around Town”, so reach out if there’s something you would like to highlight and a member of the WHCA staff can get you connected with the equipment and the know-how to bring your idea to television and the world.

Everybody has a geeky side to them.

Whether you’re able to geek-out over technology, music, skin care, nature, or anything at all, Geekology is for you! We are looking for locals to produce shows about any topic they can geek-out to.

Meet Your Neighbor is a program which shines light into people’s lives in our area.  Originally a program created and and hosted by Whitman resident; Barbara Packard, who was inspired by all of the wonderful things locals were capable of.  Any WHCA volunteer can use this program as a platform to highlight various individuals’ interests, talents, accomplishments & more.

Outdoor Adventures features different outdoor activities, parks, and places to explore! Produced by the staff here at WHCA, and the community.

WHCA On The Road takes you to local businesses around town. Join us as we stumble across diners, bakeries, shops, and more! Find your new favorite place to eat, shop or hangout by tuning into On The Road.

What began as a place to jam out to local musicians’ songs has adapted in this new release of Showcase into a platform to show any artists work.  Showcase was originally hosted & produced by former WHCA Executive Director Steve Roy, and it the program brought different bands into the studio to showcase their sound on TV.

These days Showcase is a place for, well, showcasing any and all the wonderful locally created arts that make our community so special!

TownWorks dives into the various services and departments in town and explains some of what the town departments responsibilities are, and how they work.  Any person who is involved in local civics is welcome to produce an episode of this program as they learn and show others how ‘town works ‘.

What’s Happening in Whitman-Hanson

“What’s Happening in Whitman-Hanson” is a WHCA program providing a platform for updates on things happening in the Whitman-Hanson Community.  This program which was born during the COVID-19 era was created to provide a space for updates from town departments and civic organizations.  If you would like to provide updates to your community about your organization then “What’s Happening in Whitman-Hanson” might be. a good place for you.  Reach out to a WHCA staff member to get connected with the equipment and the know-how to bring your update to the Whitman-Hanson community.

What’s Cookin’

Bringing you the flavor of Whitman-Hanson.  If you fancy yourself a budding celebrity chef; then this might be the program for you.  Show us the process of preparing your favorite dish right from the comfort of your own kitchen.  Reach out to a WHCA staff member today to start planning your shoot.

Bring coverage of your team to WHCA.  See all the action on the big screen and playing throughout Whitman & Hanson and even beyond via  Over the years WHCA has produced coverage of local high school sports and beyond.  From fall and winter activities like soccer, football, hockey, and basketball to spring sports like baseball, and softball and more.  Reach out today if you would like to bring additional coverage to your team with WHCA Sports!