Ways to Get Involved at WHCA


Using WHCA’s Community Bulletin Board, Channel(s) & Social Media, etc.

WHCA has great and cost effective ways to help you promote your upcoming event. Whether it’s placing a bulletin on WHCA’s electronic Community Bulletin Board (CBB) & Social Media profiles, or creating a brief promotional video; WHCA can help you reach a larger audience in Whitman-Hanson & beyond.  WHCA’s bulletin announcements are shown on WHCA’s Public Access channels between programming, and these slides are also great for sharing on social media. To submit information or a slide for broadcast, simply send us the information right through our website or stop by with a flyer.


Community Events & Production Opportunities

If you know of an upcoming event that you want to share with a larger audience? We can help you capture that moment and share it with the Whitman Hanson Community!

If you’re looking to get involved in production but your own idea isn’t yet ready for the big screen then perhaps consider joining the crew for an upcoming WHCA staff production.  Here is a lit of opportunities.

In either case; consider contacting a WHCA staff member to set up an appointment for one-on-one training on getting the most out of your own camera or one WHCA’s (free) rental video equipment kits, or find the producer of an upcoming event and reach out to join that crew via the link above.


Create Recurring Episodic Programming (a Series)

Have an idea for a show or a series? We would be happy to help you transform your concept into unique local programming for air on WHCA.  You might consider getting started by submitting a Program Application form to help get your ideas on paper.  Check out WHCA’s Starting Production Guide to learn about the process, then contact WHCA for more information!

Create a “One-Off Series Program

Maybe you don’t have a full series in mind, but you still want to scratch that creative itch and feature a topic of your choosing?  Well that’s where WHCA’s One-Off Series programs come in.  This option provides low commitment, self service program concepts that you can consider adopting, then making a single show on a topic of your choosing.  Pick an idea from our list (above), or something of your own design.  You can use a Program Application form to get the ideas out of your head and onto paper &/or check out WHCA’s Starting Production Guide to learn about the process.  Contact WHCA for more information!


Learn and develop your portfolio/resume

WHCA offers a dynamic internship program for students and our Production Crew Experience for anyone else.  Both work through similar projects and provide a great opportunity to build a resume, demo reel and/or job application material while providing a valuable service to the Whitman Hanson Community.  Our programs are designed to fit an individual’s availability and goals.  Working alongside WHCA employees & volunteers, our interns/crew-members get a chance to develop their creative eye, and to learn and use video editing and graphic creation softwares.