The Fundamentals Of Shooting Photos/Videos In The Digital Age

WHCA’s introductory course entitled The Fundamentals Of Shooting Photos/Videos In The Digital Age, also known as: “Gorilla Videography” or “Shooting where you are, with what you have plus a low/no-budget editing class” is a great starting point for stepping up your photo / video shooting with the device right in your pocket.  This class is being being offered for in-person attendees at Hanson Public Library on Thursday, 2/1 at 6:30 p. m. Click here to register.


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How a little audio recorder can save the day

We swear by little (backup) audio recorders like this one.  This audio recorder has a great pickup range and if/when something goes wrong, this little audio recorder can carry the production while technical issues are resolved.

There are several boards and committees who use an audio recorder like this to record their meetings, then WHCA is able to add a video element to that audio coverage and share it on cable and YouTube for viewers in Whitman-Hanson to review.  If you’re looking for a simple audio recorder there’s a lot out there like the Sony ICD-UX570 Digital Voice Recorder which we’re showing, but this one has proven to have great sound quality to us, and it therefore bears our recommendation.

To learn more about how can share your content with WHCA for broadcast, head over to our “Submit Content” page.

2022 Summer Stock Footage Contest

Calling all videographers novice or pro, our first Summer Stock Footage Contest is here! Read below to learn how you could win the prize!

Consumer Friendly RØDE Microphone

Looking for an easy to use versatile microphone? The Wireless Go mic might just be what could help your production reach its next level.
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Memorial Day 2022

 Memorial Day 2022 Both the towns of Whitman and Hanson had Memorial Day ceremonies. The towns hosted parades, speeches, and wreath laying events.