Jump right into production with a WHCA Internship!

What’s so special about an internship in Community Media?

Local community media centers are a great place to launch a career in media.   You can jump right into creating professional video, and not just be making coffee runs or logging footage.

Here in Massachusetts, we are lucky to be surrounded by not only the highest concentration of community centers in the country, but also so many great educational institutions.  We are extremely happy to offer an internship program to students at these schools.  For those looking to improve their understanding of the media field though experimental learning, an internship at WHCA provides just such an opportunity.  WHCA interns gain experience in the development, planning, execution, marketing/promotion, productions, and programming for the Whitman Hanson community all while developing their own portfolio!

WHCA’s internship program offers a well-rounded experience for any currently enrolled student.  Our internship program has been carefully crafted to build a student’s real world skills and experience in many areas within the television production field.