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Please look to either the Whitman Town website, or the Hanson Town website for the most up-to-date, and accurate information.

Have a look at some of the content and options below for candidates & voters.

Resources for Candidates:

There are three ways a candidate might work with WHCA to get on air.  Each option is detailed further below.

Please note: All candidate related content should be produced by May 10th, 2024.

Candidate Interview opportunities are available on several of WHCA’s volunteer produced access shows connect with a producer today and schedule an interview.  Click here to view all of the programs produced at WHCA.  On each show’s page you can find a link to contact the producer if they choose to share that information.

The shows highlighted below have stepped forward and stated that they are seeking candidates for interviews:

Create your own program. Whether one-tine or recurring, you can serve as the guest or the host of your own program.  Start assembling your crew today and reach out to WHCA to plan some studio time!

Contact the a WHCA staff member today and get started.  You can also view our Starting Production Guide for more information.

Candidates statements” can now be filmed with a member of the WHCA staff.  You can bring your own prepared statement about your candidacy,  touching on several talking points of your choosing (with dissolves between each as needed).  In this approach there is no “host” asking questions.  A member of WHCA’s staff is however on the other side of the lens, providing someone to make eye contact with, and providing technical coaching on the video side of things.

Contact WHCA to book your Candidate’s Statement today.

Resources for Voters:

2024 Whitman Town Election Videos

Content for/from Whitman candidates will be posted here as they are received.

2024 Hanson Town Election Videos

Captured content for/from Hanson candidates will be posted here as they are received.