WHCA Internships

WHCA is now accepting applications for our internship program for students who want to play a key role in assisting our dynamic community media center in accomplishing our mission to inform, enlighten and entertain community through access to modern technology, equipment, facilities, and training.

Why intern in Community Media?

Local community media centers are a great place to launch a career in media.  Here in Massachusetts, we are lucky to be surrounded by so many great educational institutions and we are happy to offer an internship program to interface with these schools.  For those looking to improve their understanding of the media field though experimental learning, an internship at WHCA provides just such an opportunity.  WHCA interns gain experience in the development, planning, execution, marketing/promotion, productions, and programming for the Whitman Hanson community all while developing their own portfolio!

WHCA’s virtual internship program offers a well-rounded experience for currently enrolled students. Prior television production experience is preferred. This internship aims to build the intern’s skills and to help them gain real world experience in the television production field.

Our program offers students:

  • A chance to learn and use editing software, graphic creation software, web design platforms, and much more!
  • The ability to learn in a hands-on, low pressure environment.
  • An opportunity to provide a valuable service to the Whitman Hanson Community.
  • The chance to become your own producer and share you interests with those in the community and the world at large.
  • A platform to build a resume, demo reel and/or job application material.

To Get Started:

Please complete the following steps to become an WHCA Intern:

  1. Obtain an academic advisor for your internship. This can/should be a faculty member at your institution.
  2. Apply to the WHCA internship program by:
    1. Filling out the WHCA Internship Application Form with your information and your advisor’s information.
  3. Keep track of your internship hours in a written journal, Excel spreadsheet, or Google Doc. The WHCA staff will check these periodically.
  4. Check in with WHCA Staff regularly to create programming/get involved in production/ participate in training/ and make sure you are on-track for your projects and hours.

Please note that internships run on a semesterly basis.  Schedules and credit may vary school-to-school. Consult your advisor or see your school’s policies for more information in this area. If you are looking to get involved without school credit, head over to our “Volunteer” page.

Want to hear more? Click on the button to the right to sign up for a fifteen minute one-on-one meeting with a WHCA staff member. Learn about what WHCA is and what we offer. You can ask questions about our internship program, and get to know our internship administrator.

“I went into this internship with little to no experience in editing or media practices. Now that I’ve completed it, I can confidently say that I know how to edit and work in media.”


“I was able to learn how to use the camera, how to do the sound, how to mic, and how to do interviews with other people. I was really able to engage into this part of the media that I never got a chance to do until now, and I didn’t really understand that it could help me with my marketing career.”