The Fundamentals Of Shooting Photos/Videos In The Digital Age

WHCA’s introductory course entitled The Fundamentals Of Shooting Photos/Videos In The Digital Age, also known as: “Gorilla Videography” or “Shooting where you are, with what you have plus a low/no-budget editing class” is a great starting point for stepping up your photo / video shooting with the device right in your pocket.  This class is being being offered for in-person attendees at Hanson Public Library on Thursday, 2/1 at 6:30 p. m. Click here to register.


This class focuses on “working with what you’ve got.” After taking this class, you’ll bring your photo/video shooting to the next level by adding better framing, steadier shots, better lighting, and optimized audio in any day to day shooting situation.  You’ll also learn a bit about some of the additional options beyond your pocket that are available through WHCA’s free services, facilities, and equipment.  If you can’t make the event a past recording of this class can be found online in WHCA’s Virtual Training Room (OnDemand).  If you’re looking to explore next steps in using WHCA’s studio & portable equipment (some of which is shown below) head over to our Get Involved page for more info.