…but our work is still not done.

We thank you to those who showed support in Whitman’s Cable License Ascertainment Hearing on October 3rd.  We’re very appreciative of those who joined us in person or who sent Letters of Support of WHCA in our hearing (The video will be posted here shortly).

It’s still not too late to send your support so please consider looking at some of our letters of support below from Whitman & these from our Hanson hearing as well.  You can add you support quickly & easily right here.

Our letters of support:

To date – For the Whitman Cable License Renewal

  1. Rick Anderson – Chair; Whitman Finance Committee
  2. Bob Rodgers –  Athletic Director; Whitman Hanson Regional High School
  3. Brian Rowe – Music Teacher; Whitman-Hanson Regional High School
  4. Claire Galkowski –  Executive Director; South Shore Recycling Cooperative
  5. Tina Ouellette – Whitman Food Pantry
  6. Kathleen Woodward – Recreation Director, Town of Whitman
  7. Karen Lyons – Whitman Wellness Center
  8. Brandon Frost – Principal; Whitman Middle School
  9. Mary Holland – Director; Whitman Council on Aging 
  10. Breida Collins – Whitman Hanson Regional School District; Conley Elementary
  11. Molly Schnabel – Whitman Historical Commission
  12. Fr. Adrian Milik – Pastor; Holy Ghost Church
  13. Elena Mauro – Southeastern Philharmonic Orchestra
  14. Cathy Mitchell – Local Business
  15. Jennifer Mitchell – Local business
  16. George Ferro – Asst Superintendent; Whitman-Hanson Regional School District
  17. Ryan J Tressel -Whitman Community Preservation Committee Chair
  18. Joyce Annese – Whitman resident
  19. Wendy Jones – Principal Assessor; Town of Whitman
  20. Maegan Harden – Cub Scout Pack 59
  21. Gloria Knox – Hope Christian School
  22. Rep. Sullivan Almeida – State Representative 7th Plymouth
  23. Bethany Skowyra – Whitman Scout Pack 22
  24. Plus – See more letters from our Hanson Ascertainment Hearing ←here.
    Since WHCA serves both Whitman & Hanson, there’s some great letters here as well from community organizations who serve both towns!

Remember; You can see more support testimony within the Ascertainment Hearing video posted on this page.  You can also still submit your support ←by clicking here.