About this show:

As the name implies this show is a place for local artists to “Showcase” their  talents.  Showcase began as a pet project of former WHCA Executive Director Steve Roy.  In early episodes of Showcase, Steve brought many different bands into the studio to showcase their sound on TV.  Today the program’s format has been expanded to not only jam out with us to local musicians, but to also enjoy all sorts of local art & culture.   You can appear on or produce &/or host your own episode of Showcase, just shoot us an email to get started!

This program is one of WHCA’s “One Off Series Programs” meaning:

One-off = There’s no long term commitment to starting a series program.

Series Program = We (WHCA) manage the series, you just contribute the content.

Head over to WHCA’s One Off Series Program page to see a menu of other One Off Series Program options.

Showcase – Producers Email: