Thank you to those who showed support in Hanson’s Cable License Ascertainment Hearing on February 7th.  We’re very appreciative of those who joined us in person or who sent Letters of Support of WHCA in our February 7th Ascertainment hearing.  Here are the letters we have received so far:

  1. George Ferro – Asst Superintendent WHRSD
  2. Marcus Casey – Teacher at WHRHS
  3. Marianne Dimascio
  4. Jason Cook; WHRSD – AV Media Services
  5. Jeff Szymaniak – Superintendent WHRSD
  6. Peter Smith – Rev First Congregational Church in Hanson
  7. Cheryl Spriggs
  8. Josh S. Cutler – State Representative (6th Plymouth District)
  9. John Seamans – Hanson 4 H Club
  10. Alison Dillon – Hanson PTO
  11. Madeline Storey – Hanson Middle School
  12. Tom Hickey – Superintendent or SSVT
  13. Paul Crimi – World of Art

It’s not too late to send your support so if you would like to add your support to this list please consider submitting a Letter of Support for us to add to this list.